Responsibility - General Details

At EstrelaBet, we value each and every one of you players and are proud to be your choice for sports betting and gaming! 💙 Our commitment to responsible gaming focuses on three fundamental principles:

  1. Prevent Problems with Gambling: We are committed to providing a safe and fun experience while avoiding any negative impacts associated with gambling.
  2. Prevent Underage Gambling: The protection of minors is an absolute priority. We take strict measures to ensure the game is accessible to adults only.
  3. Ensuring that Gaming is Conducted in a Fair and Open Manner: Transparency and equity are values we uphold, ensuring that gaming is a fair and open activity for everyone.

We recognize that, for a small proportion of players, gaming can have negative impacts on other areas of their lives. Therefore, we encourage responsible gaming among our players and collaborators.

For you players, we offer features like setting limits, cool-down periods, and self-exclusion support, both internally and in local jurisdictions.

For our employees, we provide mandatory annual training for ticket agents, customer service staff and corporate employees. Together, we make EstrelaBet a safe and responsible place to enjoy the excitement of gambling.

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