Do you have a problem with your betting activity?

Sometimes it is important to do a self-assessment to understand if there are warning signs related to gambling. Try asking yourself:

  1. Do you feel guilty about the amount of money you spend on betting?🤔
  2. Do you need to bet larger amounts to feel the same enthusiasm? 💸
  3. Is it difficult to stop betting after losing? 😓
  4. Does your gambling cause financial problems for you or your family? 💰
  5. Does gambling affect your personal relationships, work or studies in a negative way? 👥
  6. Does gambling negatively affect your health, causing stress or anxiety? 🩺
  7. Do you get restless/agitated if you are not betting? 🗯️
  8. Do you feel like you might have a gambling problem? 🚨

The more "yes" you answer to these questions, the more likely it is that you are experiencing gambling problems. It is essential to seek support. If you feel the need, contact our service team! They will be ready to offer the necessary guidance.


⚠️ Warning Signs of Gambling Problems:

  1. Losing time from work, school or family due to gambling.
  2. Repeatedly failing in attempts to stop or control betting.
  3. Borrowing money to gamble or pay off gambling debts.
  4. Betting as an escape from worries or problems.
  5. Neglecting personal or family care due to gambling.
  6. Lying about the time or money spent on betting.
  7. Selling or pawning personal property to get money for gambling.
  8. Feeling hopelessness, depression or self-destructive thoughts due to gambling.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these warning signs, EstrelaBet encourages you to assess your gambling risk level through tests available from regulatory agencies in your jurisdiction. Your health and well-being are priorities for us. We are here to ensure your experience with us is fun and satisfying. Count on us! 🫂

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