Cash out in MotoGrau

By clicking on "CASHOUT" it means that you can receive the prize value of the round for your entire bet in play. The possible amount of winnings is displayed on the button and changes as the multiplier index increases.


You can choose to cash out the total bet amount at once with "Cash Out", or cash out 50% first and the remaining later in the same round with "Cash Out 50%".

By clicking on "CASHOUT 50%" it means that you can secure the win in the round for half the value of your bet and continue playing with the remaining amount to cash out at a later time considering a higher multiplier index.


The "Auto Cash Out" and "Auto Cash Out 50%" buttons allow you to set the Cash Out to be automatic and pre-defined. Simply enter the desired multiplier value, and the Cash Out will be automatically performed when that value is reached.


After your bets are accepted, if these options are active, the payment will be processed according to the game result and the total or 50% automatic cash out settings.

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