How to play MotoGrau?

To play, just click here to access right now! 🏍

When accessing the game, you must:

  • Indicate the value of your bet;
  • Confirm by clicking the "CONFIRM BET" button


Wait for the start of the next round!

⚠️ NOTE: It is allowed to enter or modify your bet in a certain round while the messages "NEXT GAME IN..." or "WAIT FOR THE NEXT GAME" are displayed on the screen, until the message "BETS CLOSED" is displayed.

  • The crash occurs when the rider interrupts the stunt! When this happens, the game round ends and any amount not cashed out until then is lost.
  • The main goal of MotoGrau 🏍 is to cash out your bet as late as possible to achieve a higher profit.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: MotoGrau is NOT a skill-based game. Your choice has no other impact on the game other than the decision of when to cash out your bet, that is, perform a Cash Out!

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