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● Waiting for the next game: This message is displayed when you enter the game after the end of the betting time for a round. While watching the current round as a spectator, you can start preparing your bet for the next round.

Next game in ..s: This message is displayed when the betting is open for the current round and is linked to a timer. The timer decreases every second.

Betting closed: Indicates the end of the betting time for a specific round, and as a result, all betting tools are disabled. After the message "Betting Closed" and the bet has been validated by the system, the CASHOUT and CASHOUT 50% buttons will appear. Otherwise, the CONFIRM BET button will appear inactive, waiting for the next round.

Low balance: When or if this message appears, it means that your balance is too low to cover the minimum bet amount allowed in the game. In this case, you need to top up your balance to place bets.

Game canceled: This is displayed if the game round is canceled due to unforeseen reasons and/or circumstances.

Quick bets: This option allows you to increase the value of your current bet more quickly. There are four quick bet options available, and when you click on them, the displayed value is added to your total bet. Only the quick bets that can be used with your current balance are activated.

Duplicate bets: Each click on the button allows you to double your bet.

● A click on the "UNDO" button removes the most recent change you made to your bet in a specific round. A double click on the "UNDO" button removes the changes one by one, with the most recent change being removed first.


The options related to bet changes, as indicated above, are only available during the betting time for a specific round. Once the betting process is closed, you will not be able to undo or change your bets.

● The balance indicator is displayed at the bottom of the game window. It is used to show your available funds in the "BALANCE" button. You should make sure that your balance is sufficient to cover your bets before starting to play. If your balance is not updated after placing bets or after seeing a winning message, you should refresh the game window in your browser or press the F5 key on your keyboard.


Total Bet: Indicator that shows the current total balance of all bets made in the current game round.

If you have any questions and wish to contact our Support, you should always collect the information from the screen (or take a screenshot), as well as the game ID and your user ID.

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