Autoplay in Stelar

The AUTOPLAY feature allows you to automatically repeat your bet for a selected number of game rounds. To activate the AUTOPLAY feature, you must place your bet and enable the "AUTO CASHOUT" function, if desired, and then click the AutoPlay button.


While the AUTOPLAY function is active, it is not possible to change the bet or CashOut settings. You need to stop AUTOPLAY to modify any of these. To disable the AUTOPLAY function, you must cancel the bet placed before the next round. The AUTOPLAY function is automatically interrupted in the following cases:

  • The selected number of AUTOPLAY rounds reaches 0.
  • Your balance is too low to continue with AUTOPLAY.

One or more of the triggers configured to disable the AUTOPLAY function occur (if applicable): balance decreases, balance increases, or a single win exceeds the selected value.

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