How to play Stelar?

To play, just click here to access it right now! ⭐

When accessing the game, you must:

  • Indicate the value of your bet;
  • Confirm by clicking on the "CONFIRM BET" button

Wait for the start of the next round!

⚠️ NOTE: It is allowed to insert or modify your bet in a given round while the messages "NEXT GAME IN..." or "WAIT FOR THE NEXT GAME" are displayed on the screen, until the message "BETS CLOSED" is displayed.

  • The crash occurs when the Star randomly collides or hits with some item or visual element on the screen and explodes! When this happens, the game round ends and any amount not cashed out until then is lost.
  • The main objective of STELAR is to cash out your bet as late as possible, to get a higher profit.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: STELAR is NOT a skill game. Your choice has no other impact on the game other than the decision of when to cash out your bet, that is, perform a Cash Out!

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