Instructions and rules of Stelar

It's an obvious tip, but it's worth reinforcing. ⭐

You can only perform well in any game if you understand the rules and concepts!

Therefore, we will highlight some rules of STELAR ⭐, right here, before you start playing.

  • When accessing STELAR ⭐, in the upper right corner when opening the game, click on "help" (question mark symbol), to read more details about the rules and instructions!

    ajuda stelar (1).png
  • The multiplier for winnings starts at 1x and grows more and more as the Star rises.
  • If you cash out at the same point where the Star explodes, you lose your bet.


If you cash out at 2.15x, and the Star explodes exactly at 2.15x, you will lose the bet!

In this case, to win, it would be necessary for the Star to explode from 2.16x (1 tenth more)!

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