What is Stelar?

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STELAR⭐ is an EXCLUSIVE online game from EstrelaBet, multiplayer, of the "Crash" type!

In Stelar ⭐, you place a bet of at least R$1.00 and a maximum of R$500.00, which can be multiplied by the index shown on the screen, from 1.00X to 5000.00X.

Your goal is to withdraw the values before the star explodes, in order to win the bet amount multiplied by the multiplier index determined at the exact moment you choose to withdraw.


The higher the multiplier, the lower the chances of winning and the higher the rewards. It is important to pay close attention, as the star can randomly explode at any time from the start of the game. ⭐


⚠️ IMPORTANT: If the star explodes before you press the withdrawal button for the bet amount + multiplier, 100% of the bet amount and accumulated winnings during the game are lost!


The game works on various desktop browsers and also on mobile, with optimized experience!

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