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How does the prediction work?

If you are not a premium user, you can make up to 1 (one) prediction per round in the game of your choice, and if you correctly guess the exact score of the game, you will win R$ 10. And if you are a Premium user, you can make 1 (one) prediction of R$ 15 and 1 (one) extra prediction per round worth R$ 5, potentially earning up to R$ 20 in a single round.


How does the withdrawal work?

To make a withdrawal, you must have created an EstrelaBet account and linked it to your prediction account. When there is an available amount for withdrawal, you should go to the "Withdrawal" menu and enter a valid amount that you wish to transfer to your EstrelaBet wallet. The funds will be transferred instantly to your wallet, and you can then move or withdraw that money via PIX directly with your CPF.


How to refer friends and earn more money?

Another way to earn with the prediction platform is through referrals. Through the "Referral" tab, you will have access to your link and can send it to your friends. If they register on the platform through your link, they will be linked to your account, and you can earn when your referrals make correct predictions. For non-premium users, the amount received for a correct prediction by a referral is R$ 1.00 and will only be credited on the first game that the referred user correctly predicts. For premium users, the amount received for each correct prediction by a referral is R$ 1.50 and will be valid for ALL games that the referred user correctly predicts.


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