What is partial cash out?

Partial CashOut is a benefit tailored to you. This innovative functionality is now in effect, allowing you to request a refund of a portion of your investment, without the need to close your bet.

It is easy to understand and resembles the conventional CashOut procedure. It is possible to specify the percentage you wish to redeem, and the selected amount will be immediately credited to the balance, allowing the bet to remain active with a new contribution.




Partial CashOut can be used in different markets for pre-live and live games, just check if the option is available.

That way, if you make a wrong guess, at least you've already saved part of your investment. And if your guess is correct, in addition to the amount already redeemed with partial CashOut, the winnings will be paid in a recalculated manner based on the remainder of the amount that remained in play. Keep a close eye on your ongoing bets as the partial CashOut option can be activated at any time during sporting events!

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