What are system bets?

In a system bet, three or more markets are combined, and you can place the bet in the "multiple" field, which appears at the end of your bet slip. When more than 2 bets are selected, the user can choose system bets. For example, if the user chooses 3 teams, they have the option to select one of the system bets.


The difference between a "multiple" bet and a "system" bet is that in the latter case, you can win even if you don't get all the selections right. For example: if your bet slip has four selections, to choose the "Yankee" system bet, you should enter the desired amount in the field and immediately confirm the odds and potential winnings. Your bet will be a winner if you get at least two out of the four selections right. The winnings will depend on the number of correct selections made.


A triple bet is essentially a bet made by combining three different selections. It follows the same principle as a double bet (combined bet), but this type of bet consists of three single events.

For example (in the system bet), if you bet on the victory of Liverpool, Everton, and Wolves, the system will create 3 (three) coupons for three different chances to win the bet.


A patent bet is a method in which 7 (seven) bets are made on 3 (three) selections. It is used to cover all possible outcomes.


The Trixie bet is a bet on three selections that consists of 4 (four) bets, namely 1 (one) triple and 3 (three) doubles combined from three separate events.

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