What are the main types of bets?


As the name suggests, a simple bet is the most basic and straightforward type of online betting. It involves betting on the outcome of a single event. For example, in the Match Result bet, also known as the 1x2 bet, you bet on the home team winning, a draw, or the away team winning:

Result 1: Home team wins;

Result x: Home team draws with the away team;

Result 2: Home team loses to the away team.



A multiple bet is a bit more complex as it involves betting on 2 or more events at once, in a single bet. If you win a multiple bet, your winnings will be higher, but the risk is also higher. After all, to win, you need to correctly predict the outcome of all the events.



System bets are slightly different from multiple bets. You place multiple bets on a single ticket, but even if one of the results is incorrect, you can still win something if the other bets are successful. This provides some security!



Handicap bets consider the advantage or disadvantage of teams in an event. The handicap aims to level the playing field by giving an advantage to the weaker team, thus balancing the odds of the event. This is done by deducting points from the favorite team and adding them to the underdog of the match. For example, the team with many points will have lower odds, while the team with fewer points will have higher odds. Handicap bets are used to balance the game and bring the odds closer together. There are two types of handicaps: Asian and European.

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