Why hasn't my deposit been credited to my account yet?

There are several factors that can prevent your deposit from being recognized and credited. Check the following:

  1. Making a PIX transfer directly to our bank account without generating the QR code on the EstrelaBet website. We only accept payment via QR Code.
  2. Paying the QR code after it has been generated for more than 30 minutes, in which case the amount will not be credited to your gaming account.
  3. Making transfers from business accounts.
  4. Paying the same QR code twice, in which case your deposit will not be credited.


NOTE: In the scenarios mentioned above, the refund is automatically processed, and there is no need to contact our support team unless the two business day deadline is exceeded.

If you perform the PIX transfer correctly but the amount is not credited after two hours, please contact the support team and provide a copy of the payment receipt.

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